Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why was I charged sales tax?

Arizona law requires us to charge sales tax on all orders shipped to an address within the State of Arizona. The rate is 8.8%, and by law is charged on the purchase and the shipping costs. We do not charge sales tax on orders shipped to addresses outside the state of Texas.

Do Distance Clips alter the swing?
They do not alter your swing and are less than 1 gram in weight/clip.

How much do Distance Clips weigh
Less than 1 gram

Do Distance Clips come in different colors?

How do I order wholesale?
Contact through the website (instruction for Pro Golfers) and we have most wholesalers on board.

What retailers carry Distance Clips? Roger Dunn Golf Shops, Golfsmith, Carl’s Golf Land, Carlsbad Golf Center, Chicago Bills, Golf Headquarters, Lumpy’s Golf, The Golf Store, The Pro Shop, Amazon and Silverline Golf Company in Europe, and much more. You can see a full list HERE.

How many come in each pack of Distance Clips?

What increments do Distance Clips come in?
10 yard

For any further questions, feel free to contact us HERE.